A professional website reflects a professional business

Get up and Running is here to make websites easy to create and easy to maintain, without breaking the budget.

Websites for SMB

We specialise in designing sites for small businesses that need a web presence that are easy to maintain. Business is tough enough, you don’t need your website to be complicated as well, and you certainly don’t want to employ someone full-time just to look after it.

We build sites that even the boss could manage if he wanted to. We speak plain English, and won’t try to sell you whizz-bang you don’t want or need. We keep it simple. It keeps our costs down, it keeps your costs down.

Websites on a Budget

We work hard to contain costs, and this is best done by creating a site that you can manage yourself, based on the best open source Content Management Systems available. The CMSs we use are flexible and easy to use (no IT degree or 5-year-old needed).

The cost of setting up a website can vary a great deal from customer to customer. Our sites generally start at £400, which include a full Content Management System. Extra considerations include use of special effects, galleries, forms and data collection (beyond a simple contact form), members only zones and any bespoke functionality.

The running costs for a website start at about £100pa. And as you will be able to update the site yourself you won’t need to have a web-developer on a retainer to keep it up-to-date.

A website never replaces traditional marketing methods, but it is possibly the cheapest advertising you will buy, and best of all, you have full control over it.