A website has to both look great and function well.  We work with great designers to make sure your website design matches the impression you want to convey, and we work hard to bring design to life.

Open Source

We base much our work on well supported Open Source Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal. We do this for three very good reasons:

  1. Flexibility is built in
  2. It gives site owners immediate control over their content
  3. They are well supported

Flexibility is important because requirements change over time, and you need something that can move with you rather than having to start from scratch everytime you want something new.

We get lots of requests from site owners who want to change little details (a phone number, a price, a picture) but can’t because a HTML document is just something they don’t want to mess with. And why should they? A CMS allows site owners to edit each page on the site using a simple web interface, much like a Word Processor, no fancy HTML required.

Although a bespoke CMS is nice to have because it is designed exactly around a site owner’s requirements, it also has one major drawback – only the developers who created it really know how it works. This ensures a long-term, and possibly expensive, relationship.

By using an Open Source CMS, site owners guarantee that they have the option to use any web-developer they want, should they need to.

Bespoke Development

As well as working with Open Source systems, we are also adept programmers with experience in PHP, Javascript, jQuery & C#. If you need something extra, be it a web application or indeed a Windows application, we can help you find the best way forward.

A number of sites we have worked on have required access to data from other websites (ebay, Amazon, Twitter etc) via their public APIs. We are experienced in XML, json and web services and can incorporate additional functionality as required.

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