When we build a site for you, we always assume that you want to take control of it: update it when you want. It’s important to us that our customers are not overwhelmed by the thought of updating their own site.

We have two strategies for making training an easier, happier process: the lack of geek-speak; and screencast tutorials.

English Speaking Geeks

Perhaps the scariest part of the internet is having to deal with people who seem to speak a different language. Don’t panic. Though we definitely speak geek, we also definitely speak English. We want to help you, not dumbfound you.

Screencast Tutorials

It’s all very well coming to your office and training you to use your site (which we do and are happy to do), but sometimes it’s difficult to take it all in on one sitting.

To overcome this we now regularly prepare short demo screencasts/videos of how to use your new site. The videos are bespoke to your exact requirements and are helpful reference tools for when you come back after a few weeks and everything seems vague again.

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